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Chairman of BIOCOMP2020

Co-chairman Bomkwon CHUN(National Institute of Forest Science, Korea)
Co-chairman Byung-Dae PARK(Kyungpook National University, Korea)

National Advisory Committee

Jin Heon KWON(National Institute of Forest Science) Gilbon KOO(Korea Forestry Promotion Institute) Youn-Joon CHUNG(Chairman, Korea Wood Panel Association)
Gyu-Seong HAN(Chongbuk National University) Chun-Won KANG(Chonbuk National University)
Seog Goo KANG(Chungnam National University) Dae-Young KIM(Dongguk University)
Jong Sik KIM(Chonnam National University) Sumin KIM(Yonsei University)
Chong Soo LEE(Korea Forest Service) Min LEE(National Institute of Forest Science)
Sang-Min LEE(National Institute of Forest Science) Sun-Young LEE(National Institute of Forest Science)
Sung-Suk LEE(National Institute of Forest Science) Seung-hwan LEE(Kangwon National University)
Sei Chang OH(Daegu University) Byung Soo PARK(Korea Forestry Promotion Institute)
Hee-Jun PARK(Chonbuk National University) Kug-Bo SHIM(National Institute of Forest Science)
Dong Won SON(National Institute of Forest Science) Jae-Kyung YANG(Gyeongsang National University)
Hwan Myeong YEO(Seoul National University)  

International Advisory Committee

Nadir AYRILMIS(Istanbul University, Turkey) Alex BERG(UDT, Chile)
Feng-Cheng CHANG(National Taiwan University, Taiwan) Chunping DAI(University of British Columbia)
Guanben DU(Southwest Forestry College, China) Rob ELIAS(Biocomposite Centre Bangor, UK)
Phil D. EVANS(UBC, Canada) Warren GRIGSBY(SCION, New Zealand)
Yusuf Sudo HADI(Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) Christopher G. HUNT(USDA Forest Products Lab., USA)
Mark IRLE(Ecole Supérieure du Bois, Nantes, France) Nam-Hun KIM(Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea)
Nanang MASRUCHIN(LIPI Borgor, Indonesia) Sung Phil MUN(Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea)
Scott RENNECKAR(Uni. of British Columbia, Canada) Jeong-Kwan ROH (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
Roger ROWEL(University of Wisconsin, USA) Emilia-Adela SALCA(Transilvania University of Brasov, Rumania)
Tatsuya SHIBUSAWA(FFPRI, Japan) Shigehiko SUZUKI(Shizuoka University, Japan)
Paridah MD. TAHIR(University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)   

Preparation Committee

Chairman Jin Heon KWON(National Institute of Forest Science)
General Sub-committee
(General affairs and preparation)
Dong Won SON (Head), Sung-Suk LEE, Sang-Min LEE
Scientific Sub-committee
(Academic affairs and proceedings)
Jae-Kyung YANG (Head), Kug-Bo SHIM, Min LEE
Technical Sub-committee
(Technical and poster sessions)
Seog Goo KANG (Head), Sumin KIM, Hwan Myeong YEO
Promotion Sub-committee
(Promotion and guides)
Ha Hyun JOUNG (Head), Byung Soo PARK
Social Sub-committee
(Social activities and events)
Chun-Won KANG (Head), Jong Sik KIM, Sang Hee SUR