Different types of wood you should know

Biocomp 2020: Different types of wood you should know

Wood is one of the most important materials used for craft and construction. With its diverse population, there are different species that have unique characteristics and purposes. As such, each woodwork uses a specific type of wood that best fits the project.

If you are planning to craft anything or today or just genuinely curious about wood, here are its different kinds of as well as their types:


Lumberjacks harvest softwood from conifer trees such as fir, cedar and the like. These trees have broad leaves that do not fall until the new ones grow. Softwood is easier to harvest because conifer trees grow fast, which means that it is less expensive than hardwood.

On top of that, this kind of wood is often needed in the interior mouldings of a house due to its flexibility and low density.

  1. Cedarwood

In terms of furniture, crafters often lean on using cedar wood because of its aromatic and insect-repellent properties. Aside from that, it is also durable, which gives people the option to use it as a wood shingles to protect the roof from harsh weather. 

Moreover, cedarwood has a light colour and texture that makes it a high demand among people. If you are planning to create furniture using this type of wood, then that would be a great idea since it keeps moths away from your items.

  1. Firwood

The most famous fir wood in the United States is the Douglas fir wood. It bears great durability and strength, which makes it a popular choice for builders. As such, this wood is commonly used in projects like bridges and framing for buildings.

Aside from that, fir wood has great strength in withstanding earthquakes or high winds, making it a great choice for anything under the sun. Additionally, it also provides warmth when used as firewood.

  1. Spruce wood

Another commonly used softwood is spruce wood, which has the colour of white and a tad bit of golden hues. As such, its colours are great for the interiors of a home, and this makes it the usual choice for winter and skiing houses.

Aside from that, it does not shrink despite any weather. Additionally, spruce wood works well with any cutting tool because of its light and smooth surface.

  1. Hemlock wood

You would see hemlock wood on boxes, fences, crates and plywood. Its texture is not that smooth compared to other softwood. This means that splinters and dips would often appear, which makes it hard to plane. It is also not that durable, but it can last long despite harsh weather. 

  1. Pinewood

The pinewood has soft white and yellow tones, making it pleasing to the eye. However, this type of softwood decays easily the moment it gets in contact with soil, so this is not the best option for construction. Besides that, pine wood is good to resist shrinking, warping and swelling, which is good when you are creating furniture at home.


Hardwood possesses greater strength and durability than softwood. It comes from angiosperm or flower-bearing plants, and its production costs more than its counterpart. This is because the trees of hardwood take a longer time to grow in a mature state.

Despite this fact, the waiting is worth it because of the quality it gives whenever it is used on floorings, decks and high-quality furniture. Like softwood, this kind also has different types of wood:

  1. Oakwood

Oakwood is the best hardwood to use when making furniture. It has good durability and lasts longer as well. Aside from that, oak wood does not have the tendency to warp when exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.

Additionally, you should use this when crafting because it is also water-resistant. Besides that, oak wood is significantly heavier, which makes transporting difficult for you.

  1. Maple wood

If you are looking for a desk, then you should go for something made out of maple wood. Any furniture with this material is great for home decor, and you can have it in different colours because it stains nicely.

Aside from that, having a maple wood cabinet should be one of your options since it does not attract insects that will destroy clothes. Above all, maple wood bears remarkable qualities such as high durability, strength and hardness.

  1. Beech wood

Beech wood has a medium weight with a tough and hard surface. It also has pores when you look closely into it. Despite these facts, beech wood shrinks easily and moves if it is exposed to water.

Other than that, crafters and builders like to work with this type of wood because you can plane, cut and smooth it out easily. As such, this is good as plywood, furniture, toys and piano.

  1. Ash wood

You can identify an ash wood because of its beige or light brown colour. It has good strength and durability, which means that you can use it for different purposes. Although, this type of wood is mainly used for crafting equipment tools, door frames and furniture.

Aside from that, ash wood is porous and has a prominent grain that inspires people to create decorations out of it.

  1. Walnut wood

Another warp-resistant and durable hardwood is the walnut type. It has a dark brown chocolate colour, which makes floorings look great. Moreover, walnut wood is high in demand because of its amazing and flawless finish in furniture and objects. 

Despite its expensive prices, this type of wood is resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions. If you are looking for a gift idea, you should go for tables or other furniture sets made up of walnut wood. Your friend will love the colour and finish of it.

Tips on choosing the right wood for your project

Since there are different types of wood, deciding which one to use can be difficult. For that matter, here are some tips that can help you choose the right one for your project:

Determine the difficulty of your project

The type of wood you are using should be based on your project’s difficulty. Aside from that, this is the opportunity to determine the quality and durability of the object you are creating.

Choose a warp-resistant wood type

Wood warping happens when it is exposed to the sun for a long time. This will ruin the appearance and can destroy your project altogether. As such, choose something from the softwoods if you are planning to create house fences. This kind of wood can withstand harsh weather conditions best.

Choose an easy-staining wood type if you plan to add colour

Not all wood types stain well, which means that its quality can get ruined when you add paint colour to it. So, make sure to choose something that can stain well with any colour you have in mind. 

Take note of the materials you need to use

Choose a wood type that works well with any material that you have. This will make your project faster to finish, and it can have a smooth and flawless outcome.

Ask professionals for advice

When in doubt, you are free to ask advice from people who are skilful in lumbering. They will tell you the things you need to consider and recommend wood types that best fit your project. Additionally, crafters and builders can give you demonstrations and guidance that will help you a ton.

Wood and crafter safety

Any craftwork requires safety, and woodwork is not an exception. If you are planning to start your project soon, make sure to take note of the following:

  • Wear protective clothing (jeans, long sleeves, gloves, goggles and overalls)
  • Make sure that your tools are sharp and not blunt
  • Always wear your goggles when you are shaving or planing the wood
  • When you are not using some of your tools, you should store them away to prevent accidents
  • Ensure that every socket is dry and away from any water source
  • Keep your area clean so that you will not lose anything from your sight
  • Turn off your tools when they are not in use
  • When you are using the cutter, always use it against you to prevent injuries
  • Avoid distractions because this can ruin the project and cause accidents
  • When you are working, do not use drugs or drink alcohol before because this will affect your performance
  • If you happen to have new tools, make sure to read the owner’s manual before using it
  • If there is smoke coming out from anything in your area, stop immediately and look for the cause.

Woodwork is a fun hobby because it tests your creativity and thinking skills. If you want to learn more about it, you can attend workshops at Biocomp 2020! Register today by submitting an application form on our website.

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